CWA Local 4818

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Here are some of the negative items that come with this offer

1. NO job security to Appendix F.

2. Company refuses to put Appendix F in the core agreement.

3. $0.20 raise for Appendix F only if ALL TYPES of fiber splicing move to the prem techs.

4. NO job offer for prem techs.

5. Paid Protected Prem Techs still in offer.

6. Company will NOT give Fixed Base Wireless to Appendix F.

7. Appendix F will still be surplused by company determined method.

8. No increase to low wage zones or Appendix F. except for the $0.20.

President Shelton and D4 is having a big rally in Detroit Mi. this Saturday May 19.  444 Michigan Ave. 11am-2pm hope to see you!           

Stand by for more information on Monday May 14 during a planned informational picket at your work locations.  CWA not only represents members, CWA represents families and communities as well.  We're sick of the corporate greed!

CWA Local 4818 did a job action in front of Wells Fargo in Bloomington.  This action is due to the corprate tax break and Wells Fargo shipping call center jobs overseas.  Members of local 4818 were jointed by President Linda Gales of local 4730 and Jackie Yenna President of White River Center Labor Council.  With a special guest Labor friendly, union supporting Congressional District 9 candidate Liz Watson.