AT&T Picket Info

At&t picket locations and picket captains are listed below.  The 4818 Executive Board has met and voted on the following requirements for Strike duty.  Starting with the first day of a strike, regardless of the day, ALL members will be required to walk picket from 8am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday at their assigned locations for at least the first two days and then everyone will begin picketing their scheduled shifts.  Beginning on Monday of the 2nd week of a strike each member will be required to walk 16 hours of picket duty in either two 8 hour shifts or four 4 hour shifts.  You will need to get with the assigned picket captain for each location the first week to get scheduled for picket duty.  Every effort will be made to accomodate each individuals needs when scheduling their shifts but in the event of a disagreement over a particular shift it will be settled by seniority order.  Picket locations were decided on based on numbers of members, visability, management and contractor usage.  Each member was assigned a picket location based on their picket preference sheet by locations available based upon their preference order.  If there is a need to change your location you must contact your assigned picket captain.  The Executive Board has tried to keep the burden of picket duty at a minimum for everyone.  You must complete your required duty to be able to collect strike pay.  In the event of a Strike we will post notice on the web page, facebook, text message and start the mobilization call tree.  If you have question contact your picket captain, steward or officers.  Thank you

Nathan Bishop, Picket Captain

Steve Browning, Picket Captain

Michael Fair, Picket Captain

Jamie Ginter, Picket Captain

Justin Leach, Picket Captain