Company "final" offer

Here are some of the negative items that come with this offer

1. NO job security to Appendix F.

2. Company refuses to put Appendix F in the core agreement.

3. $0.20 raise for Appendix F only if ALL TYPES of fiber splicing move to the prem techs.

4. NO job offer for prem techs.

5. Paid Protected Prem Techs still in offer.

6. Company will NOT give Fixed Base Wireless to Appendix F.

7. Appendix F will still be surplused by company determined method.

8. No increase to low wage zones or Appendix F. except for the $0.20.

9. 1000 jobs NOT guaranteed to be in our contract.

10. NO agreement on stopping outsourcing of jobs.

11.. Will NOT bring back DTV work from contractors.

12. If you qualify for a guaranteed job offer it will be region to national wide mobility jobs.

13. Healthcare increases on premiums, deductibles, and max out of pocket.

14. Nano degrees NO guarantee it will help get a job.

15. Savings plaan changes with NO deales.

16. Appendix G. NO pole climbing requirement.

17. Pensions still there.

18. Calculator is off.